Harmony and Beauty

We have a fixed idea: combine the creative freedom with the need of our customers to have a virtual location on their measure, necessary to obtain visibility in the world. Obviously, it requires competence to achieve this dream, it's necessary to use the most advanced web technology in both enviroments: the security to make safe and efficient, but also in the graphic sphere to make your website attractive and harmonious. Only in this way you can be truly represented in the virtual world, obtaining the necessary benefit from this expansion of perspectives.
The web is full of websites, especially at a commercial level, but looking good you will discover that all of them are very similar to each other, leaving a feeble memory after browsing. What we propose is different: you can choose from an infinite number of solutions, considering the one that best suits to your taste and your needs, that best fits in with your business. Right here your role becomes crucial: You have to help us understand what you really wish, so that our team, of which you are part too, can actually implement what you have in mind.
The exchange is reciprocal: you guide us telling us your ideas, we help you make them concrete through the most advanced digital technology and communication strategies. Whether it's an e-commerce site (online store), cms or a simple static site: communication is the key in any relationship in the world, and it needs a delicate balance. If it's efficient, it helps to achieve your purpose, otherwise it moves away. For this reason we offer our help, also in the revision of the content for the website, so that they are more targeted and in harmony with the style of the virtual expression.

Discover how a Website is created!

We start all our new work by meeting with clients, personally or via messenger software (Skype, google hangout ...). To ensure the success of your website, you are essential as any other member of our team. You have to help us understand the needs that prompted you to the web, which image you want to represent you and what exigency you have from the structural and graphical point of view. And if you still have unclear ideas about it, discuting it with those who have made the internet their job will be mutually beneficial. Therefore it's essential to have a direct o virtual contact.
We continue starting to draft schematically the project. Let's start with the good old papers and pencils, irreplaceable when it comes to sketching ideas still in an embryonic stage, moving then on the most advanced graphic processing software. Even in this phase the feedback of our customers is essential for the alignment of the draft, to his style and to its target, in order to define the best strategy.
Once the draft of the project has received the approval of the client, we start the actual implementation of the website: writing the code of every detail, starting with the structure of the pages until you get to the menus, animations, galleries of images and so on. After that we perform a compatibility testing with different browsers, resolutions and operating systems to be sure that the website will be displayed in the same way to all future users.
Once the site is finished, we proceed to search for a hosting (an internet space that will host your website, made available by special online services), tailored to the needs of the customer, sharpening meanwhile the SEO component. Then we transfer the site from local to remote and, finally, visit it from any device that has an internet connection and a browser.
You have your website ready. Now the first move is up to you. To make it known and to increase the volume of direct traffic, the best initial strategy is word of mouth. Talk to friends and acquaintances, tell him to make a visit: they will be the first visitors to advertise it; furthermore, a website signed by zengrafic does not pass unnoticed and it's a pleasure to the eye. If then you want to increase further the number of visits and the visibility of your space, a serious policy of web marketing is necessary. Also in this case we can lend a hand. Otherwise, there is nothing left to wish you a good navigation - and good business - with your new Zengrafic website.



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