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Building websites is our job. Whatever's the necessity or available budget. The experience of the web taught us what are the key factors for the success of a website: above all semplicity and clarity, but also an excellent positioning in the search engines and a graphic interface that is able to unite stylish looks with an efficient information transmission. The special effects are useless if they hide the necessary information, but also a too simple and boring page may not encourage surfers to linger on the website.
It's necessary therefore a balance to achieve these goals, and we need your help to accomplish it, so we can understand your tastes and needs of your business. You can also start from now, without any commitment, by writing us to get more information or advice about what could be the key to development further your company.

The Zengrafic company harmonize the form with the functionality, web design with technology, a perfect balance that becomes your virtual space. Why so much interest in aesthetic? The reason is simply: it's not enough to promote a product, it is necessary that the context in which it is proposed must be attractive, surrounded by an alive and pleasing atmosphere, to imprint itself in the memory of potential customers and get them to spend more time or return on your site.

Graphics and programming of an website go hand in hand. The right design enhances the fundamental aspects, products and/ or content to be visible, and the very choice of the style to be adopted is led by them, to blend in better with the message you want to communicate.

Each website is an interface, a junction point between your own real activity, and a virtual world, the web. It's our goal to make this connection point to work in the best way, combining an easy accessibility with a strong visual impact.

Every creation of our custom websites provides a well defined and user-friendly interface with the following basic characteristics:
- Implementation of the most current standards and web protocols;
- Compatibility with all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera);
- Organization of content targeted at maximum visibility
- Simple and intuitive navigation.
The last point is especially important. When looking for the best presentation for your content, we do not forget about those who visit and interact with your space, and there he should surf as smoothly as possible. We design all our websites with the user in mind.

A website is like a mirror, a reflection of the person or business that represents. Therefore it has many things to tell, many more than we imagine, that affect those who come to navigate to this space and contribute to the formation of an opinion. It's thus very important to treat it as if it is your image, an extension of yourself in the virtual world.

Since this type of website is mostly static, it is essential to transmit clearly and fast the message that interests your visitors and potential customers. You must create a brand: a proper image of immediate impact, which not only communicate information about your products, but suggests a style, an approach to things that make you unique and in step with the times.

The choice is up to you. No matter whether you prefer an artistic site, rich of cutting-edge graphics and breathable beauty from each pixel, or a minimalist approach, dry and balanced: the Zengrafic team will achieve your project, translating into reality your ideas, adapting them to the needs and dynamics of the web.

The starting point is therefore listening and understanding of what you really want to communicate and express with your website. We put the experience, the knowledge of the network, the programming languages and the creativity of our graphics needed to translate your ideas into images. The result is a trendy website trendy with great features like galleries and slide show photos, animations and interactive elements that will make your website efficient and highly attractive - a complete and very competitive product in the jungle called internet.
Contact us now for a free quote, and donate your business a digital dress signed Zengrafic.

A website designed for ecommerce (an online store) provides the highly profitable possibility to sell your products online. What can block sometimes the businesses, especially smaller ones, from making their own virtual store, are the exorbitant costs that are often associated with this kind of work. Whoever has asked information for the creation of an ecommerce site, will have seen popping up the annual and monthly fees in the estimates for the managment of the site and for reciving payments; the costs are so high to make people believe that only "giants" like Mediaworld or Euronics are able to afford them.

Fortunately it is not so. Thanks to the use of open source standards, which allow significant savings without any loss of quality, and the integration of maintainable CMS to update the website by your own, you have the opportunity to get a highly personalized virtual store with great efficiency at low cost and, above all, limited only to implementation (without the necessity of having to pay the fees, except the annual hosting, which is not of our competence).

In addition, the Zengrafic team will work closely with you to understand the best marketing strategy and the target market for your products in order to implement it in the structure of the website.

Our proposal ecommerce includes:
- A site with fast loading pages, modern and functional design;
- A dynamic and user-friendly menu;
- A simple content management system (CMS) to independently update your products;
- An accountsystem for customers who want to buy on the site;
- A intuitive and fast shopping cart;
- Integration with third party software for secure payments (banks, Paypal, Netteller, etc.);
- Basic search engines optimizing (SEO) of the site, to help customers find you;
- If necessary, support and assistance, even after the delivery of the website;
- Our ability to understand the dynamics of the marketplace and the best architecture for your site.
We are at your disposal for any clarification, information or advice about the world of ecommerce. For any information please contact us.

One of the biggest advantages of a CMS is the ability to keep up to date your website or blog, so those who browse on your virtual space have always new content about your business, which may increase the level of curiosity and revive the interest. This is possible and even necessary, in any website, but the CMS differs, because yourself have the ability to keep the content, images and products you offer on the Internet up to date, thanks to an easy interface that allows you to make changes which seem more appropriate for you. You will not have therefore engage in the study of complex computer languages, or pay an expert for every little change: with only your internet connection and a browser, you can choose to replace the images in the headlines, update links of your partner sites, add or remove products from your catalog, edit items in evidence and much more in a few minutes.

By this way you can establish a real dialogue with the Internet users who surf in your virtual space, make them curious with the news of the week or provide useful information about the latest developments in your business, so that they are encouraged to return on your website, such as in a place where it is pleasant to spend time.

The maintenance of a site also plays an important role in strengthening the trust in your business. We often decide not to purchase from a website that we do not know, because browsing on it we notice that the last update was made two years before or the links does not work; the impression one gets is a lack of seriousness. Otherwise, if you are on an updated site a few hours earlier which is running perfectly, it's easier to trust what is proposed, and believing that the efficiency that the undertaking operates its own web space is reflecting his business.

Our purpose is precisely that: making your digital space credible and claimed as much as your activity in the real world. So we have created the Zengrafic CMS: the fastest way to have a website in step with your success.

A website which is not updated is a danger. A safety hazard for you and your customers, because with the constant evolution of technologies and languages, also the resources and opportunities for those who run the web with little peaceful intentions evolve. But above all it's a threat to your business, a not updated website discourages potential customers and can dramatically reduce the visits, annulling the investment, work and our effort to make something unique and effective: your web space.

It is true, however, that the constant updating of a website requires effort and skill, not to mention the time factor - always in short supply - and maybe you would prefer to invest it in more practical aspects of your work. That's why we offer our website maintenance service, the best solution if you want to avoid that time is taken away from your business, without having yet cover the costs of a person permanently responsible for managing and updating your site(to put it in computer jargon, a webmaster).

The advantages of a website maintenance by Zengrafic are:
- The update: allow your to be always customers aware of the latest news of your business and your portfolio of services or products;
- The security: against hackers and malicious we adopt the most advanced solutions;
- The priority: if your site fails in its purpose for lack of updating or maintenance, we would fail ourselves. Therefore, requests for review are always on top of our agenda daily work;
- Timing: less than particularly thorny problems, the update is completed within a maximum two days;
- Technology: we from Zengrafic have the attention continually directed towards the evolution of programming languages and new technologies, which will then be integrated into the architecture of your site;
A monthly or otherwise periodical update is strongly recommended. If you have a particularly urgent problem, you can contact us by explaining as precisely as possible to your needs in order to optimize the time.

Times change, the commerce also. Becomes less physical and localized, but expands into previously unthinkable points, spanning the world and reaching millions of people through an invisible but extremely effective network. Internet. However, this powerful tool must be known perfectly if you want be able to derive something useful. The first requirement for access this digital universe is definitely to possess a virtual place, a website that allows it to be visible. But these virtual places are a lot, more and more now flock to the network, and new types of spaces are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, how to orientate in the network? And, above all, how to be visible?

For example: a site that appears in the fifth page of results fails in its main task to gain visibility, as surfers hardly get past the first or second page when looking for something on the web. This "failure" is caused primarily by a bad organization of the site, arranged perhaps by the "geek" nephew on duty, and second by an inadequate advertising exposure, which can be remedied by applying different types of web strategy.

Through strategies of web marketing and personal branding - which may include the optimizing for your site to obtain a better positioning and greater visibility in search engines (SEO, Search Engine Optimization) and a targeted advertising coverage, involving websites as the same engines (SEM, Search Engine Marketing), Google first - aimed at creating and promoting a proper "image" of the customer, we are committed so that you can gain visibility and increase the volume of traffic to your site and your business.

If you want to improve the performance of your site or to assure yourself that what you are going to create will center the target, contact us for a free consultation. Our team will help you make truly operating your virtual space.



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