A website is like an open window on the world, 24 hours 24, 365 days a year. Accessible to everyone, without the need to make large displacements or looking for a parking space. A new form of human interaction, economic or otherwise, has taken hold by now almost 25 years. If you do not take this opportunity now, you will risk to remaining isolated, as happended to many, crushed by the economic crisis of the recent years.
The realization of any website require a thorough knowledge of various programming languages and technologies like php, javascript, html, css, flash and others. Of course, even in the Internet exists the do-it-yourself, which can also be very funny. But when you rely on a such powerful medium like internet to promote your business and want to gain more visibility, you must entrust it to professionals who know their job and know how to orient themselves in the virtual jungle. The web agency Zengrafic deals with:

Web design

The look and feel - the graphic and art work - is an important component of any successful website. One or more efficient communicate much more than words. To keep pace with the times, we care thoroughly the virtual appearance.

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To put it simply, a static website is a window to the world, which allows to present any kind of content. From an agriturism to a specialized workshop, furniture maker, artist or photographer: anyone who wants to present their work to a wider circle of potential customers needs it.

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Thanks to Internet the commerce has reached forms regardless of national borders, offering everyone the opportunity to interact with the rest of the planet. In the 21st century the statistics give reason to think that the web is the best place to sell the own products to a wide audience

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A CMS - Content Management System, as it is called in the language of the network - is nothing more than a site that can be updated without having to learn about the different technologies and languages that hide behind the internet. It has the great advantage that it can be managed independently, but often can present some problems for who is new to the web, such as changes of some components of the site and others.

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Site maintenance

Like anything else in the world the own presence on the web is born, grows, matures and, if not renewed, it can also grow old and die. For this it is important to keep your site or blog up to date, changing from time to time the aesthetic and technical aspects. The latter in particular must be taken into consideration, because neglecting safety you run many risks, including the theft of personal data.

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Internet marketing

In the past, if you wanted to present your products to the public, you relied on billboards, advertisements in newspapers and similar solutions. Today, the form of advertising has changed dramatically, and is accessible to all portfolios. If you need to increase quickly the visits on your website, and consequently your earnings, the easiest way is just online advertising.

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