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We believe that clarity is the condition of any successful enterprise, no matter if it's big or small: what matters is to have definite ideas about what you want and how to accomplish it; only in this way it is possible to cooperate in a fruitful manner. We are therefore very pleased to respond to your question regarding the creation or improvement of your site. In the following lines you can find answers from the most frequently asked questions that are asking our customers. If you can not find your question, contact us. contattateci. We will respond within a very short time.

Why is it important to have a website?

Times change, thus changing also the ways of relating each other. In the present social and economic configuration it is essential to have your own virtual space as relations have largely moved in this dimension. Think of a library: ten or twenty years ago if you wanted to buy a book you went to the shop and asked the shopkeeper if it were available; if so you bought it and if not you had to order it. Nowadays anyone before leaving the home and moving maybe unnecessarily, checks the library's website if the book is present or if is has yet to arrive. In this case, a library that is not equipped with a website, or with a site that is not working properly, is in a clear disadvantage. The example is trivial, but it illustrates well what can be the use of a good web visibility in the era of online transactions. Anyone who's working in the tourism sector is well aware of the absolute necessity of this visibility, but this applies to any kind of commercial or artistic work that is inclined to remain competitive and overcome stayed, local boundaries, as well as maintain a better and more efficient relationship with its customers. However, for any doubt you have about the need of a window on the web - website - we are open to any questions that may help in the development of your projects. Obviously, without any kind of commitment.

What is the cost to build my website?

The price of a website depends on several factors. As when you buy a car you looking which brand it is, the accessories, reliability, the type of road that you have to travel, etc. It's almost the same with the creation of a website: all depends on how many pages you want to accomplish, how many "special effects" (such as JavaScript, flash and many others, possibly to agree) have to be included, from the fact that the content is ready or to proofread and/ or to translate, and many other factors. In a dynamic and competitive world like internet is, you can not entrusted to set price lists - especially an exorbitant one - we must be able to adapt to the needs of each customer, which are different from all others. This is why we prefer to arrange a meeting, in order to understand and interpret your needs and be able to calibrate the estimate.

If I already have a website, why should I remake it?

Internet is a constantly changing world like everything. The technologies get obsolete, trends change, new browser versions and programming languages are on the market almost every month. It is therefore necessary to adapt and keep pace with the innovations: an old and poorly maintained website poses a danger to the security; in addition, it's causing more damage to your image that not having it at all. On the other hand, an updated and efficient site can bring unimaginable benefits, making you visible throughout the world.

How long does it take to make a website?

Also in this case, it all depends on the individual case. For example, a simple and static website composed of 4/5 pages with the content ready, requires about one week to be created and uploaded to the web, followed by a few days of observation to make any changes and enhancements. In the initial interview you will get a calculation of the work time based on the complexity of the site that you want to create. In any case, we always respect our delivery times, at the cost of spending nights and nights to keep our commitment: the creation of a website of very high quality!

The hosting and domain are included in the price?

Making a website is a matter, the hosting and domain is another. The hosting is the space, virtual or physical (depends on the site), where the content resides, while the domain is so to say the "plaque" that identifies it. When you rent a space the price of the domain is often included, paying later only one an annual fee. The choice and price of a hosting is also related to the traffic that you want to manage; there are also available completely free hosting spaces, which are not recommended for a professional site for numerous factors. Based on customer preferences, we will prepare a comprehensive overview of the best deals on the web at no additional cost.



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